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Equality Wedding lessons

Everyone has the right to love and to be loved and that's the position we take! Did you ever wondered "who will be the leader?" well, there's just one way to find give it a go! 

Sign up today for your first wedding dance lesson and let the experience decide for you. Jo promises that you will enjoy every bit of your experience. You will learn some of the basic dance steps within your song choice and apply some lifts to spice it up and impress your guests. Jo has experience and feels totally comfortable in Equality dance as he has choreographed the first dance for several equality couples. Isn't that lovely? 

Equality dance is now more popular than ever. Still not seen as a sport as main stream but it's considered one of the more fun and sociable environments you can go to. Jo supports entirely this community and fights for equal rights competing with his partner in Equality competitions Nationally and Internationally. Jo's offers the same sex first dance as one of the main dance studios in London can offer. Start your adventure now and be free! 

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